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Bcoy2RARNZ (ANZAC Battalion Vietnam 1970-71) Second Tour

Welcome to our website

"Now look Graham, according to my map there's a stump around here somewhere!!!"

(Photo contributed by "Huck" - Caption by yours truly)

Welcome to our website

Our "illustrious" leaders.  Now identified by Graham Hoffman.

Sitting from  Right to left . Maj Graham Hoffman (OC), Lt Warren Feakes (FOO), Sgt Bill Van Wegberg (6 Pl), Sgt John Dunshea (5 Pl) .
Rear R to L.  CSM "Taffy"Burt, Capt Barry Toms (2iC), 2Lt Ross Heyde (5 Pl), S/Sgt Terry Sheehy (CQMS),2Lt Peter Gibson (6Pl), Sgt John Bryce (MFC), Lt Phil McNamara (4 Pl), Sgt Tom Birnie (4 Pl). (Missing from Photo: Syd Mcleod (Syd. took the photo.)

Welcome to our website


I have just spent several hours visiting our B Coy 2 RARNZ 1970-71 website and wish to express to you my appreciation of the time and effort you have spent in establishing it. I enjoyed reading the items on the history of the Battalion, Keith Fraser's story "A Complete Gas" telling of a 5 Pl experience in the Nui Dinh (as a lesson learnt??) and relating the experience to that of being down wind of a person suffering severe flatulence"; but most satisfying of all was to view the photographs displayed throughout the site. More about that later.

You have provided members of the Company with a site that enables us to maintain contact with each other and most importantly where information of common interest, such as proposals for future activity or a reunion can be posted for members to comment upon prior to final arrangements being determined. When such proposals are posted it is vital that members reply with comment about the proposals, both for or against, so that those undertaking the organising can gauge support for the event and adjust where necessary for the benefit of the majority.

I now live in hope that others, including widows, wives & partners of members of B Company, will follow Keith Fraser by writing of an event that has remained with them as a result of service with B Company. Write of events in the period of time from prior to deployment to SVN until the return to Australia. That time line could be extended up to the present when there is a connection to our service with B Company.

The greatest enjoyment I obtained from the site was the examination of the photos, then my subsequent endeavour to name or identify the persons or location. I have often stated that I am embarrassed by my poor memory. Prior to departing SVN I was confident that I would never forget the men who made B Company. I now find I have forgotten many names, but worse still many faces I can not recall. I could blame that on the poor quality of some photos; but then I am most embarrassed when I meet former members at a reunion and am unable to identify them. I must admit that all have been very forgiving. Could I suggest that when you submit photos to Shrodes, if you have a computer and the know how, place name by as many persons as possible.

In conclusion I wish to record a huge "thank you" to those who have organised the past reunions. Peter Leembruggen who got the ball rolling in Melbourne, then Jock Cassidy in Townsville, John Coombs at Tweed Heads, then Canberra (where VC stepped up again at very short notice to establish a degree of coordination) and Peter Gibson at Woolgoolga. Each reunion has been an outstanding success, each differed from the others, but the same great camaraderie experienced at each gathering has been special and common to all.

I trust that former members of B Company now will accept my challenge. My challenge is for you to use this website and submit to Schrodes a story or comment on some incident, a photo or a reflection as a consequence of your service with B Company. Schrodes will then consider it for inclusion. It is his site, but he has given us the opportunity to reflect the spirit of B Company 2 RARNZ 1970-71.

Put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard. The success and value of the site depends on our contributions.

Regards to All,
Graham Hoffman 23 Feb 2012

Supplied by Jock Cassidy

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23/10/16 ; Happy Birthday Peter Gibson 6 Plt

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Another story of Grub who always stood for his men. Is there to be a book on Grub? I know of many anecdotes to tell. Grass.

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Maybe I should have spent the night watching the floor show with you Alky instead of making a beast of myself but I was a very slow learner.

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No it was Ken (Grub)

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Was this "Johnno" Bob Johnston? Grass.

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